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I’ve done extensive research over the years trying to find the best alternative lighting for growing Cannabis. There are many options available when choosing a light system which isn’t HPS or your traditional light. I have found that LED and COB lights are not only very cost effective, but also very effective. If you’re growing for personal use at home, then LED/COB is all you need. Heck, even commercial indoor grow ops can benefit from LED/COB lights due to how effective they have become. Even if you’re yield is a bit less when LED/COB vs traditional lighting, you can grow a lot more plants for a fraction of the electrical costs, therefore producing larger yields.

This site is geared for home growers who want to use cannabis recreationally or medically, and those who wish to grow organically and know exactly what they’re consuming, therefore we’re gong to focus on cost effective yet effective lighting systems.

Traditional LED’s

LED grow lights have come a long way over the past few years, and they have also become very cost effective. Up to recently, you would be looking at spending $400+ for a decent LED light; now you can get them as low as $120 and still be able to produce a rather decent yield! In this article, we’ll look at some of the better known LED light brands, and also explore the new COB lights. COB lights are significantly more expensive then traditional LED lights, however if you’re willing the spend the extra money I recommend doing so. But again, either light will produce what you’re looking for, good quality flowers.

Before we look at LED grow lights, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • LED grow light manufacturers will tell you that their 90W grow light will replace a 1000 watt HPS light. This is not true by any means. A 90W grow light will produce similar results to that of a 200W HPS light. In my experience, I take the actual wattage draw from the outlet and double it, thus giving me an idea as to what results to expect.
  • Not all LED grow lights are the same. Beware of cheap Chinese imports which use cheap diodes and don’t offer a true full spectrum of light. Alway do your research.
  • When you find a light you think you might want to buy, look for reviews online including YouTube. Oftentimes you’ll find a YouTube video of someone showing their results with the light, so you have an idea what to expect.
  • Stick with “brand name” lights, or rather lights which people often talk about online. Beware of lights which aren’t very popular.

Light manufacturers which are well known in the grow industry include:

  • ViparSpectre
  • Mars Hydro
  • VivoSun
  • Advanced Platinum – Expensive but really good build quality.

You’ll want to look for a light which has a real draw from the wall of around 180 watts. This will be sufficient for a 2×4 grow tent and will yield nice results.

There is so much info around grow lights that we won’t get into it here. Instead, check out

They have a ton of info around grow lights, and provide some great comparisons and reviews.

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