How to build a DWC System

There are many methods for growing in hydroponics, and DWC is one that not only works really well, but is also very easy to build at home. DWC stands for Deep Water Culture, meaning your roots will sit in a bath of oxygenated nutrient rich water.  What I like most about DWC is how simple it is to build, and especially the simplicity around maintaining the environment for your plant.  Material cost is easily under $50, and only takes about an hour (or less) to setup.

5 Gallon Bucket DWC Parts List

  • 5 Gallon Bucket (you can get this from your local hardware store such as Lowes).
  • Aquarium Air Pump
  • Air Tubing
  • Air Stone
  • 5 Gallon Net Pot Lid

What a DWC Bucket System looks like on the inside

Here is a good video on how to build your DWC system. You can get all of the materials at your local hardware store, pet store and hydroponic shops.

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