DWC Lucas Formula
A sure fire way to have a successful DWC grow

The Lucas Method (or formula) is an extremely effective way of growing successfully in Deep Water Culture, or DWC as we’ll refer to it. The Lucas formula uses your standard 5 gallon DWC setup, however only two nutrients. This is a sure way to growing in DWC with excellent results! In case you’re wondering why it’s called the “Lucas Formula” — a grower named Lucas who particpated in online forums came up with this method. He found that using only these two nutrients was a simple yet effective way to grow cannabis in deep water culture, and shared his findings online with other hydroponic growers.

When I first tried DWC, my grow was not so successful. Things went great at first, but after a few weeks my plants just didn’t seem to grow well, primarily as I couldn’t get the feeding schedule right. After much research online, I came across the DWC Lucas Method, so I gave it a try. Not only is this an extremely simple way to grow, I was also very impressed with the size of the fan leaves this method produced! Many of my fan leaves were literally nearly 12 inches wide! If you follow this simple formula, you too can grow cannabis quickly and effectively.

I have modified the Lucas Formula slightly, as it says to only change the water once. I disagree, you need to do a complete water change every two weeks to ensure a 100% successful grow.

You’ll need only a few things:

  1. General Hydroponics Flora Micro
  2. General Hydroponics Flora Bloom
  3. CalMag Nutrient
  4. PH Up/Down Balancer (this allows you to adjust the PH of your water AFTER adding nutrients)
  5. Cheap PH test pen

All of these products can be purchased either on Amazon or at your local Hydroponics store.

Ratio of Nutrients per US Gallon of Water

Flora Micro – 8 ml
Flora Bloom – 16 ml

How it works

  1. Get a 1 gallon jug and fill it with water.
  2. Add 8 ml of Flora Micro and 16 ml of Flora Bloom.
  3. Shake it up to ensure all nutrients mix thoroughly.
  4. Get your PH pen and test the mixture. The ideal PH for DWC is around 5.8. If you’re getting a reading 5.5 or below, or 6.2 or above, adjust your PH to get as close to 5.8 as possible. Just add a little bit of PH Up/Down at a time, as to not over adjust.
  5. Pour in your mixture of nutrient water to your 5-gallon bucket. Fill the bucket just enough so that the water level is just touching the bottom of your net pot. How high you wish to fill the DWC bucket is up to you. I usually keep the water line about an inch or so above the bottom of the net pot.

You’ll want to check your DWC bucket every couple of day’s and add more nutrient water as needed. Just keep a 1-gallon bucket of pre-mixed nutrients near your bucket, and fill it as the water line drop below the net pot. Also, I recommend doing a complete water change every two weeks. While other guides online will tell you that you only need to do a water change once or twice during the entire grow (from veg to flower), I disagree.

Good luck in your grow!

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